Falcon 900

The Falcon 900 is a mid and long-haul jet with the possibility of direct flights to transatlantic
destinations (Africa, Middle East and America), as well as to the whole of Europe
including the East,
offering maximum comfort to all its passengers.

This aircraft has 12 seats and two bathrooms. The front part has 4 club-seating places,
the centre has another four seats with a large central table and the rear has a 3 seater sofa
(which can be transformed into a bed) as well as a single seat.

Flying at an altitude of 15,500 metres and at a cruising speed of more than 900 km/hour,
the Falcon 900 is ideal for medium and long-haul flights, such as Munich, Geneva, Warsaw,
St Petersburg, Moscow, Dubai and other destinations, making non-stop connections between
Lisbon-Luanda and Lisbon–New York.

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